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We offer you Manuka honey, one of the products of bees that feed on the nectar of the flowers of the Manuka tree that grows in New Zealand, as it combines a delicious taste with multiple health and aesthetic benefits that make it a unique honey because of it's therapeutic properties, including skin care, eczema, dermatitis, and soothing cough or inflammation sore throats and colds every batch of honey is tested and certified by UMF International, a rating system authorized by the New Zealand government


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Queen Bee Manuka Honey Certified (UMF 5+) (MGO 83+) Weight 500g

120 AED

Queen Bee Manuka Honey Certified (UMF 20+) (MGO 829+) Weight 250g

335 AED

Queen Bee Manuka Honey Certified (UMF 15+) (MGO 510+) Weight 250g

200 AED

Queen Bee Manuka Honey Certified (UMF 10+) (MGO 263+) Weight 500g


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Manuka honey

Manuka honey is a unique and distinct type of honey that offers incredible benefits for both men and women. It is rich in nutrients, containing four times the amount found in regular honey, and has powerful anti-bacterial properties.