About us

We offer you Manuka honey, one of the products of bees that feed on the nectar of the flowers of the Manuka tree that grows in New Zealand, as it combines a delicious taste with multiple health and aesthetic benefits that make it a unique honey because of it's therapeutic properties, including skin care, eczema, dermatitis, and soothing cough or inflammation sore throats and colds every batch of honey is tested and certified by UMF International, a rating system authorized by the New Zealand government

What is manuka honey?

Manuka honey is a type of honey that is produced in New Zealand. It is made by bees that feed on the Manuka tree. Always delicious, thick and with a distinctive creamy to dark brown color, Manuka honey has been admired as an exceptional honey with a distinctive flavor and rich aroma unlike any other honey in the world, and no other honey has the volume and natural ingredients like New Zealand Manuka honey.


What does UMF manuka honey mean?

UMF is an acronym for the most comprehensive, independently certified and internationally recognized Quality Assurance System for New Zealand Manuka Honey. It is designed to verify the potency, authenticity, purity, shelf life and freshness of Manuka honey for honey producers, brands, customers and consumers worldwide.


What does Manuka honey's UMF number mean?

It is measure of the quality of honey. The UMF Grading System was developed by New Zealand Manuka Honey Association to provide consumers with an accurate rating of the various brands of Manuka Honey. The UMF rating can range from 5+ to 20+ and depends on the level of Manuka present in the honey. The higher this number, the higher the level of manuka in the honey and, therefore, it will have more health benefits.

5-umf.png An excellent dietary supplement.
10-umf.png A good level helps maintain good health.
15-umf.png High standard and has anti-bacterial properties.
20-umf.png Very high concentration & excellent anti-bacterial properties.